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My real life has been so busy lately that I’m not able to blog properly and also only managed to complete Twenty Again, but couldn’t watch latest episodes of She Was Pretty and Village: Secret Of Achiara. And hence I didn’t even realize that one of my most anticipated dramas is premiering today, which is Bubblegum. So I thought better late than never and this post is dedicated to all the promo material the drama is churning up all these weeks.

The latest romantic comedy from tvN stars Jung Ryeo Won (King Of Dramas) and Lee Dong Wook (My Girl) as best friends from childhood with her playing a radio jockey while he is an eastern medicine doctor. Lee Jong Hyuk (Dating Agency Cyrano) plays the chief at the broadcasting station and Park Hee Bon (Master’s Sun) completes the main love square as a chaebol heiress and a dentist. The basic plot is how the two friends feel more than friends as well as everyone healing one another and making each other’s life happier. Nothing new but you don’t really sign up for a rom-com expecting originality. It all boils down to execution, cast and chemistry.

Check out the posters which ooze warm and summery vibe (or the lovely feeling of sitting under the sun during winters) and everyone is looking great. Bubblegum will air on Mondays and Tuesdays on tvN from today.

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