Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul to star together in JTBC drama ‘Madame Antoine’


JTBC is a cable channel mostly known for its offbeat shows. But of late we are seeing some standard stuff as well — Falling For Innocence, My Love Eun Dong, and the upcoming romantic comedy Madame Antoine also seems to join the same list. It has confirmed Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul in the lead roles. I’m not too fascinated by the casting to be honest as I have never completed any of Sung Joon’s dramas yet (Gu Family Book, Hyde, Jekyll, Me and High Society) and I was indifferent to Han Ye Seul for whatever episodes I managed to complete for Birth Of A Beauty.

I do like the name of the drama and also if speaking generally, the two leads are good enough to give Madame Antoine a try if the show looks overall good. Han Ye Seul stars as a fake fortune-teller who claims that she has a spiritual connection with Marie Antoinette. In actuality, she is capable of reading other people’s feelings. Sung Joon will play a genius psychologist (don’t you know, we don’t have any other types in dramaverse) who has a painful past and does not believe in love. As per the book of drama coincidences, the name of his clinic is also Madame Antoine.The story is about how these two can understand others but can’t realise their own feelings.

Madame Antoine also stars Jung Jin Woon as a former athlete and pop group Rainbow‘s Jaekyung as a top star. I found Jung Jin Woon quite pleasant in Marriage Not Dating but not much impressive. Jaekyung was recent;y seen in popular web drama Noble, My Love.

The JTBC show will be directed by the PD of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Que Sera Sera and Can We Get Married? — I think a definite plus as I like how grounded his dramas are in execution. The writing is by the screenwriter of The King 2 Hearts (Yay) and Mi Rae’s Choice (Nay). It will follow currently airing disaster drama D-Day and hits the airwaves on 27 November as a Friday-Saturday drama.

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2 thoughts on “Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul to star together in JTBC drama ‘Madame Antoine’

  1. Kay

    The writer is the main reason I’m interested in this. I haven’t seen Mi Rae’s Choice, but I’ve heard all the negatives about it. But I absolutely loved King 2 Hearts and I am about to wrap up Beethoven Virus which I also have thoroughly enjoyed. I think both of those dramas had extremely well written characters, so I would hope to see that in this drama. I’m still not convinced about this pairing though. I’m hoping they surprise me.

    1. snow Post author

      Mi rae’ Choice started off well and I liked it in the beginning but didn’t complete it. A very good decision as it has one of the worst endings…haha
      I haven’t seen Beethoven Virus…it does star two talented actors 🙂
      I know right! Even I’m not getting any feels about this pairing…they just look very spark-less together.


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