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I’m not much acquainted with Lee Hyun Woo‘s acting (just saw him in the cameo he did in Scholar Who Walks The Night — but I don’t count it as it didn’t leave much impression) but after hearing heaps and heaps of praise and adoration for him, I’m pretty excited for his drama return with KBS school-romance drama Murim School (or Moorim School) which is about a school that teaches martial arts and through it, values like honesty, faith, sacrifice and communication, instead of solely focussing on academic grades. Well, that surely sounds very different and unconventional. Lee Hyun Woo’s last foray for small screen was in 2012’s cross-dressing show To The Beautiful You, which he followed with popular movies like Secretly, Grandly and The Technicians. He will play an arrogant idol star who has to enroll in this school. The costars accompanying him in Murim School are Seo Ye Ji (Last) as a hardworking girl who is attending the school secretly, pop group VIXX‘s Hong Bin as a carefree rich guy who becomes roommates with him (yay for bromance), Shin Hyun Joon (Bridal Mask) as school’s president and Jung Yoo Jin (Because It’s The First Time) as president’s daughter.

Murim School does have an interesting premise with colorful characters to make it a nice watch. I don’t really like the hair color for Lee Hyun Woo but I think he is playing an idol and so I won’t mind it. There is scope for packing fun, action, romance, bromance and cuteness — and heart too. The show comes from the PD of Prime Minister And I, Baby Faced Beauty and Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek — all light, cheery rom-coms — and writer of daily Sincerity Moves Heaven and drama Working Mom.

There is still time for its premiere as Murim School will air after Oh My Venus which still has to start in few weeks. The date will be in January 2016.

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