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SBS is not getting lucky in its weekend slot with I Have A Lover in terms of ratings but the drama has surely made lots of fans. It’s ending this week and the new show to replace it is Yeah, That’s How It Is. The drama has the usual plot about a big family and that means there will be multiple stories involving all the members. The drama is written by veteran writer Kim Soo Hyun who has previously penned shows like The Woman Who Married Three Times, Childless Comfort, A Thousand Days’ Promise and many more. Being a long weekend drama and about a family, the drama obviously has a huge star cast — Yoon So Yi (Hidden Identity), Seo Ji Hye (Punch), Jo Han Sun (The Woman Who Married Three Times), Nam Gyu Ri (Heartless City),  Shin So Yool (Answer Me 1997) and veteran actors Lee Soon Jae (I King 2 Hearts) and Kim Hae Sook (I Hear Your Voice).

I think these family dramas can be considered a motley of every other genre. We get romance, comedy, drama, family dynamics and some melodrama. I’m not so much interested in them as they sometime throw spotlight on characters and arcs that I’m least interested in and take so much time to build up the plot for the main people I want to see more. I’m glad that at least Yeah, That’s How It Is doesn’t look makjang and looks like a light-hearted show with warm family bonds.

Yeah, That’s How It Is will hit the airwaves on February 13 in the Saturday-Sunday slot.

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