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I love Kang Ji Hwan. He has always been terrific in all his roles and now he has signed on his next project in the form of melodrama titled Monster. It will be a revenge story where the hero loses his parents with the story starting from late 90s during the IMF crisis. He sets out to take revenge from the elite group of society which has all the power. The role and plot sound somewhat like Incarnation Of Money (which I totally enjoyed) — Monster is being penned by its writer who also wrote History Of A Salaryman and Empress Ki. Our hero will also fall in love in the process. Park Ki Woong (Gaksital) has also confirmed the show as his comeback drama after mandatory military service. I haven’t seen any of his shows but I’ve read so many good things that his casting adds to my excitement. The only downside — Monster will be a 50 episode show. Sigh.

Search is still on for a leading lady after courting Hwang Jung Eum (Well, that would have definitely led to major Incarnation Of Money resemblance). The rest of the cast includes Lee El (she was wonderful in Liar Game), Jung Woong In (Yong Pal) and Lee Deok Hwa (God of Trade – Innkeeper 2015). The younger counterparts for our hero and heroine will be played by Lee Ki Kwang (of Kpop group BEAST and last seen in Mrs. Cop) and Lee Yeol Eum (Village: Secret Of Achiara) respectively.

Monster will follow currently airing Dazzling Temptation on MBC which is another long melo and that puts its première sometime in March.