Kang Ji Hwan headlines MBC melodrama ‘Monster’


I love Kang Ji Hwan. He has always been terrific in all his roles and now he has signed on his next project in the form of melodrama titled Monster. It will be a revenge story where the hero loses his parents with the story starting from late 90s during the IMF crisis. He sets out to take revenge from the elite group of society which has all the power. The role and plot sound somewhat like Incarnation Of Money (which I totally enjoyed) — Monster is being penned by its writer who also wrote History Of A Salaryman and Empress Ki. Our hero will also fall in love in the process. Park Ki Woong (Gaksital) has also confirmed the show as his comeback drama after mandatory military service. I haven’t seen any of his shows but I’ve read so many good things that his casting adds to my excitement. The only downside — Monster will be a 50 episode show. Sigh.

Search is still on for a leading lady after courting Hwang Jung Eum (Well, that would have definitely led to major Incarnation Of Money resemblance). The rest of the cast includes Lee El (she was wonderful in Liar Game), Jung Woong In (Yong Pal) and Lee Deok Hwa (God of Trade – Innkeeper 2015). The younger counterparts for our hero and heroine will be played by Lee Ki Kwang (of Kpop group BEAST and last seen in Mrs. Cop) and Lee Yeol Eum (Village: Secret Of Achiara) respectively.

Monster will follow currently airing Dazzling Temptation on MBC which is another long melo and that puts its première sometime in March.

4 thoughts on “Kang Ji Hwan headlines MBC melodrama ‘Monster’

  1. Kay

    This drama has so much going for it. I’m really glad to see Park Ki Woong back. He completely blew me away in Bridal Mask. Have you never seen that one? I wish he would get a main lead role though. 50 episodes is a lot though!

    1. snow Post author

      Nope….haven’t seen Bridal Mask…but have heard great things about it!
      I know right! 50 episodes! That’s a lot of commitment…haha
      There are so many actors that are always appearing in second leads role but totally deserve a drama of their own…I guess cable is our only hope

  2. hariaharia

    Kang Ji Hwan is a multi-tasker in terms of acting, hence extremely useful in any country’s TV (especially in kdramas). He can altogether swift “gears” from comedy to melo and vice-versa without a single “bump”; he just needs a little help from those who are in charge of the story-lines/scripts in his projects (Lie To Me would have been forgotten by now without the OTP’s fantastic performances).
    Park Ki Woong’s best role was in War of The Arrows, imho; even though it was not a major one, he displayed his true talent in less “chatty” way than those long hours of Gaksital. (I did like the drama a lot but I find the number of episodes a terrible example of KBS’s poor judgement in what we call super-“milk the cow”-extension. After huge “slaps” rating-wise, I hope the channel’s CEOs learnt their lesson).

    1. snow Post author

      Hahaha….I just hate it when a drama gets disturbed by the unnecessary extension. These people surely know how to milk every bit of a perfectly fine show. KBS should definitely learn lessons from past failures…its Monday-Tuesday slot is doing so poorly in terms of rating.
      I haven’t seen War Of The Arrows…is it a sageuk?
      Totally agree with what you said about Kang Ji Hwan….such an amazing performer who can deliver all kinds of emotions effortlessly. I hope this show will be good in other aspects as well.


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