‘Mrs. Cop’ returns with a second season


I gave a try to last year’s hit drama Mrs. Cop but couldn’t continue after the first episode. It was an average premiere and the reviews later made me realise I made a right decision. The show is back with a new season titled Mrs. Cop 2 (obviously). Except the main lead Kim Min Jong, the drama has changed its entire main cast. Kim Hee Ae has been replaced by Kim Sung Ryong (she was great in Heirs) in the titular role. She will play the team leader this time who has returned to South Korea after training with the FBI. The new team will consist of Im Seul Ong (loved him in Ho Goo’s Love) and Son Dam Bi (What’s With This Family). Kim Bum will play the main villain this time. I really liked him in Boys Before Flowers, his only drama that I’ve seen till date but I think it’s a good choice to do a negative character for a change, especially when his looks say exactly the opposite. Another change has been in the time slot given to Mrs. Cop 2 — the first season was a Monday-Tuesday show but this one will be a weekender with its premiere episode arriving today. Hmm. Maybe SBS wants to kill two birds with one stone — milk the success of Mrs. Cop and revive the weekend slot as it has been receiving disappointing ratings from some time now.



4 thoughts on “‘Mrs. Cop’ returns with a second season

  1. Blue

    I like this cast much better. Had no clue Son Dam-Bi was an actress too. Didn’t see the first season. Kim Sung Ryong, I loved her too in Heirs, but loved her even more in Queen of Ambition. This drama is not really on my top list but who knows I may give it a try.

    1. snow Post author

      I haven’t seen Queen Of Ambition. The only drama I’ve seen KSR in other than heirs is You’re Beautiful where she had a thankless role.
      I agree…I’m more acquainted with this cast than the last one..let’s see how this one goes.

  2. Kay

    I’m going to take a look at this purely for the cast. Didn’t see the first season, and I usually don’t like crime and police procedurals. But the cast has me interested. You should try to find a drama to watch with Kim Bum. I loved him in Boys Over Flowers, but never would have guessed just how talented he is! My favorite performance of his is in Padam Padam 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      True. The cast is really good. I may give it a try in case it gets favourable reviews.
      It just so happened that none of Kim Bum dramas interested me…but Padam Padam sounds good.


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