Gong Yoo returns to dramaland!


*Happy dance* Well, I wish this dance was performed with all my heart and soul as what could be better than Gong Yoo finally making a drama comeback? My only issue is that he will be doing a drama penned by top writer Kim Eun Sook. I have enjoyed the comedy of Secret Garden but it never mesmerised me. We can all agree that Heirs was not a good drama (although I did like it while it aired…for solely other reasons than the show itself) and I dropped Descendants Of The Sun pretty soon. So I don’t have any problem with her shows but they usually have characteristics of main leads that I don’t like. And the dramas are enjoyable on a surface level. Anyway, I’m keeping an open mind and just celebrating the fact that after the huge disappointment called Big, we will finally get to see Gong Yoo on our screens for so many weeks straight.

So the new drama is Goblin and will have a fantasy genre. I so wish this was a normal show with no extraordinary elements! It is a story about a goblin and a reaper. The goblin needs a human bride to remain immortal and the reaper will suffer from amnesia. Then circumstances lead to both of them living together. The plot sounds weird and confusing but I’m sure a lot more things will become clear with time. Now the question is — who is going to be the lucky lady to star in this show. From a career perspective, I think it’s a good move for actors to star in this as Kim Eun Sook has always given hit and popular dramas with her latest Descendants Of The Sun being super duper hit. Let’s hope Goblin is really good. Another new thing about it is that it will air on tvN — the scriptwriter writing a drama for a cable channel for the first time.

Goblin is slated to start in November in the Friday-Saturday slot.

Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Gong Yoo returns to dramaland!

  1. Kay

    I think this is a great move for Gong Yoo. I actually really like the writer. Secret Garden is my least favorite of what I’ve seen from her, but I did like it. I really liked DOTS, and I have to say I loved Heirs! I thought it was teen angst and melodrama at its finest, lol. She doesn’t write my favorite leading men, but I’ve never been put off by them like so many people. I really enjoyed both Lee Min Ho & Song Joong Ki’s characters.

    I just hope that Goblin being on tvN works out. Maybe it will still get ratings similar to the Reply series despite being on cable. I’m assuming they will also try to get a big star for the female lead. That combo should make for another successful drama 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      I actually loved Heirs while it aired but only because it was my way of cherishing the moments of my favourites Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye acting together ♥
      Otherwise I think it was a wasted opportunity of making a youthful rom-com by turning it into an over-the-top melodrama.
      I did like SJK’s role in DOTS of whatever I saw.
      I just hope there is a great female lead here! Yes, a good move for any actor because the writer surely knows how to make superhit shows 🙂


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