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I wonder if the follow-up drama to KBS rating juggernaut Descendants Of The Sun is garnering much interest. It is Master: God of Noodles and at first I thought it was about some chef and his culinary skills. But the show is actually a revenge tale where Chun Jung Myung (Heart To Heart) plays a man who loses everything and then comes back to take revenge from the villain, played by Jo Jae Hyun (Punch). Jung Yoo Mi (Maids) and Lee Sang Yeob (Nice Guy) play our hero’s childhood friends. Yay that he is not alone in his mission. I’m not excited for this drama as I have no special fondness for either of the cast member and the plot sounds pretty dry and done-to-death kind. Baro (God’s Gift – 14 Days) plays younger counterpart to Jo Jae Hyun’s character.

Master: God of Noodles starts it broadcast from today and is penned by the writer of Inspiring Generation and helmed by the second PD of Blade Man. It is based on a manhwa series. I do like the posters which look very artistically done with good use of colours for each character. It’s up in the air how the ratings will shake up this week. Entertainer premièred last week with low ratings and Goodbye Mr. Black got the benefit of ending of Descendants Of The Sun as its ratings shot up. The special episode for Descendants Of The Sun got higher ratings.