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I’m really excited for new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama Entertainer. It seems to have just the right amount of fun, feel-goodness, exuberance and an underdog story to click all the right buttons. I haven’t been watching any new dramas from last few weeks and I’m all set to drop this short hiatus with this show which tells the story of a man (Ji Sung) who once worked for a huge entertainment company but now has a small company of his own and he sets out to form a new band. Hyeri (Answer Me 1988) plays a candy heroine — a hard-working girl who will romance our hero, Chae Jung Ahn (Prime Minister And I) plays a manager of a company and friend to our hero, Kang Min Hyuk (Heirs) and L. Joe (of pop group Teen Top) round out the cast as idols who will be part of the band.

I think the characters are stereotypical but that’s not always a bad thing. Ji Sung (Kill Me Heal Me) is undoubtedly the strongest factor attached to this drama and the set-up looks funny and light. I did want a love line between Ji Sung and Chae Jung Ahn but he looks cute with Hyeri too. Entertainer premieres tomorrow and I really love the posters which look fresh and feel-good. I like the black and white texture.

Fingers crossed that we’ll get a satisfying and entertaining ride with this one!

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