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When the two words sageuk and long are written together, it’s sure as gravity that my interest will be equal to zero. LOL. Of course my excitement can increase if the show has actors that I love or for the plot that is exciting. Anyway, MBC is bringing a 50 episode sageuk in its weekend slot, an unusual schedule as it usually keeps these period dramas for Mondays and Tuesdays. The title is Flower In Prison and it stars Go Soo (Empire Of Gold) and Jin Se Yeon (Doctor Stranger) in the lead roles. Jin Se Yeon plays the titular flower in prison aka a woman who is born and raised in prison and later she becomes an advocate for the poor and unaware common men through her skills and wisdom. Go Soo plays a bandit who later turns into another advocate for the weaker section of society. I do like Jung Jun Ho a lot (after his amazing turn in Last Scandal) and he plays an ambitious man while Kim Mi Sook (City Hunter) plays the queen, who is also the villain in this drama.

Flower In Prison boasts impressive writer and PD. The screenwriter has written shows like All In, IRIS, Love Story In Harvard, Gourmet, Midas, Lights And Shadows, Gu Am Heo Joon and Triangle while the PD has helmed sageuks like Horse Doctor, Dong Yi and Dae Jung Geum. It arrives this Saturday on 30 April on MBC and follows mini-series Marriage Contract.


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