And I’m back!


Hey guys…how have you been? I really missed this place and my dramas. But now The Drama Corner is back as promised and I’m so ready to start watching dramas again! There are so many shows I’m hearing good things about — some that I planned on watching, like Signal, Another Oh Hae Young, while some that I didn’t have any interest in, like Beautiful Gong Shim and some that I was indifferent about, like Mirror of the Witch and Dear My Friends.

I can see a lot of marathoning sessions as well as live watching in near future. I’m so excited for many June dramas like Doctors, Beautiful Mind (sadly both are of same genre *sigh*), Wanted, Police Unit 38, etc.

Can’t wait!

11 thoughts on “And I’m back!

    1. snow Post author

      Thanks! I thought of using it as it looks cheerful and welcoming.
      Everything is fine on the real life front 🙂

  1. Timescout

    Yup, loads-a-dramas around these days. There really hasn’t been this much potential in a loooong while. Even my to-watch list is stacked, predictably just when I don’t have the time. 🙂

  2. coffeenlucia

    Welcome back^^ And here’s a vote for watching Oh Hae Young Again; it’s been a great show so far.

  3. kfangurl

    Welcome back, Snow!! Except for the police & doctors stuff (which are generally not quite my thing, but I might make an exception for Jang Hyuk), everything else is on my list too! I’m loving Oh Hae Young Again, but haven’t quite started on anything else. Except Signal. I started on that one, and it’s as gripping as everyone says.

    Happy watching! 😀

    1. snow Post author

      Signal and OHYA…these two seem to be like a must watch..!
      Medical dramas are not my thing…but KRW, PSH and mystery element of Beautiful Mind is making me excited for them.


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