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With so many big names and highly anticipated dramas coming soon or already started airing, SBS thriller Wanted is coming with relatively low buzz. But I’m looking forward to it as the plot looks like it has the potential to be a heart-racing, on-the-edge-of-your-seat ride. The story does give me vibes of God’s Gift – 14 Days but in a good way of course.

Wanted stars Kim Ah Joong (I’ve only seen her in movie 200 Pounds Beauty and liked her there) as a top actress whose son gets kidnapped. The kidnapper wants her to perform various tasks on a live broadcast show, which will be directed by a skilled PD, played by Uhm Tae Woong (Valid Love) and Ji Hyun Woo (LOVED him in Queen In Hyun’s Man and I’m struggling to find time to watch his last drama Awl) plays the cop who will investigate this case. The drama previously offered roles to Jin Goo and Kim Hyun Joo.

The show is helmed by the PD of Divorce Lawyer in Love and written by a new writer. The posters look spot on as far as the premise is concerned and I’m hoping the drama delivers a nice action-thriller with a satisfying ending (yes, I’m looking at you  GG – 14 Days).

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