First Impressions for ‘Doctors’


I didn’t expect the new SBS drama Doctors to perform amazingly well just right out of the gate but that just happened — it garnered 12.9 and 14.2 percent rating for first and second episode respectively (source). As for me, I’m already hooked and except a few things, overall I really liked it.

The first two episodes depicted the back story of our main protagonists — Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) and Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye).


Because of a hurtful childhood, she has become very rude, disrespectful, with a devil-may-care attitude and has closed her heart for everyone and everything. But she does show that she actually has a good heart, when she helps Chun Soon Hee from bullies, or when she is panicking and ready to help a pregnant lady. I could totally understand where her harsh nature was coming from — hiding away the pain by being cold and careless. I also liked the transformation shown in her — the whys and hows. That happened when she realised that someone could get inspired from her too, and she can make a difference for someone (the kid of the pregnant woman whom she accompanied). And of course, her grandmother, who gives us immense love and care and compassion and has expectations from her to do good. I loved how her conversation with her led to her first good step towards change — attending the school. The teacher Ji Hong comes after that as he is her guide through this path.


Aside from this, I totally love Hye Jung already — she is a badass, so sassy and gutsy. Park Shin Hye might be making up for all the quivering she did in Heirs *winks*

I like Ji Hong so much and he totally brought sunshine to my screen from his very first appearance. He is a good-hearted person and is very caring for his students. I love that he is so idealistic and Kim Rae Won is perfect for this role. He is also playful and we are yet to find why he changed his path from becoming a doctor. I liked that except that one scene, the drama always kept the dynamics between him and Hye Jung purely as friends. But that lab scene though — there was no need to have romantic undertones in it! It was going so good till then. I just want the show to reach to its present time because then I can get on board to this couple’s love story as the chemistry is great.


I love grandma a lot and all her scenes with Hye Jung were beautifully written. I just hope she is there in the present timeline as well. Ji Soo didn’t have much to do but I loved all the responses of Hye Jung for him!

I do think it’s good that Ji Hong acts like a friend to his students more than as a teacher but sometimes I didn’t like how he responded to them. Like when Seo Woo confessed her feelings towards him, he could have handled that a lot more maturely.


I love Soon Hee. She is so adorable and cute and has such a simple but good heart. I absolutely loved how she became friends with Hye Jung. I was really liking the trio of Seo Woo included. Too bad that it was short-lived. I liked that Seo Woo was not bitchy from the start, which I was expecting and the age says a lot about all immature and wrong decisions the characters took in this case.

I could do without the hospital dynamics but I guess it’s as required in a medical drama as thread for making a dress.

Doctors is a very simple and predictable drama. But the characters, chemistry and the way the show is structured, makes it very likeable. The cinematography is beautiful and I can’t wait for the next episode!




2 thoughts on “First Impressions for ‘Doctors’

  1. NewKDramaAddict

    I too was surprised that I liked the first 2 episodes that I plan on watching next week. Also like you, the inference of a romance was not necessary at this stage. I was liking it so well as the two were in student/Senpai mode and then the momentum was ruined. I also was hopeful that the 3 girls would become friends for a little longer without the unnecessary triangle or should I say quadrangle which so many women vying for Ji Hong’s attention. Unfortunately, his attitude is what will drive the angst up and maybe my disinterest later, here’s hoping NOT!

    1. snow Post author

      I know right! Why to bring the tired trope of female rivalry…I just hope Seo Woo will be more mature in future.
      I would have been so happy if they had just shown an affectionate relationship between the OTP with love to blossom in future *sigh*
      I’m enjoying it a lot (despite some complaints)….just hope Ji Hong will handle the situations more maturely than how he did in the past.


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