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I was looking forward to new MBC drama W – Two Worlds with high hopes as I totally loved writer’s previous works (Queen In Hyun’s Man and Three Musketeers) and with a fantasy laden premise, I was assured that it would be handled in a proper manner. And wow, after two episodes, I can say that the show is totally what I hoped for and more.

The show stars Han Hyo Joo in the role of Oh Yun Joo, who is a doctor but very under confident about her job. She is a true fan of comics and webtoons. Her father is a webtoon writer, played by Kim Eui Sung, whose webtoon called W is very popular. One day, he goes missing and while searching for him, Yun Joo mysteriously gets transferred to the webtoon world where she meets badly injured hero of the comics, aka Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk).

I really like how the show has weaved both the worlds — the real world feels real and the comic world feels like a comic world, full of characters and situations that give that vibe — it helps that Lee Jong Suk is the lead who suits in the role of a webtoon hero to the T. I love our heroine already, with whom we can relate so much. The drama gives so many meta references and makes fun of the clichés and our attachment to it. (That scene where Yun Joo desperately tries all kinds of hackneyed endings to find a ‘to-be-continued’ was HILARIOUS). I love how she comes up with new excuses every time she gets into trouble in the virtual world.

The whole set up is complex and the mystery behind it looks intriguing. How did this happen? What does dad know that we don’t? Why so much craziness to kill his hero? We don’t know yet exactly what triggers Yun Joo’s travel to the other side and what is responsible for giving so much power to the mere webtoon. I can’t wait to find out!

The drama has fun and comedy, with some of my favourite supporting actors like Lee Shi Un, Kang Ki Young, Lee Tae Hwan to make the viewing all the more enjoyable. If the heroine can go into the other world, I wonder if she can bring the hero to our world as well. Han Hyo Joo makes a lovely return to dramaland. She is doing great job to portray her role and gives many chances to laugh.

The concept feels fresh and unique, with no time to waste. There is a lot of energy in the writing, acting and execution. Let’s hope it stays good and gets better and better!