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I know I’m very late to write on this super buzzing drama casting but hey, better late than never! Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun are among the hottest stars and very popular in terms of Korean wave. So this news about them working together in upcoming show Legend of the Blue Sea automatically sets the hype, expectations and anticipation high. It’s interesting to note that their last shows were broadcast back to back — Heirs (2013) and You From Another Star (2013-14). And now, their new drama is on the same network SBS. More than him, I’m glad that Jeon Ji Hyun has decided to make a drama comeback as I didn’t expect that it would happen so soon, considering her long hiatus from small screen before You From Another Star. Anyhow, I’m tickled pink with this news and can’t wait for this drama.

Legend of the Blue Sea comes from the writer of You From Another Star and Producers, so we can expect a great combination of romance, comedy and thrills. The director is Jin Hyuk who has shows like City Hunter and Master’s Sun under his belt. This again raises my excitement. The story is based on a folktale where a mermaid gets caught by a fisherman and then a governor returns it to the sea. This tale was set in the olden times but our show will be a fantasy romantic comedy set in the modern era where Jeon Ji Hyun plays the mermaid and Lee Min Ho will play a con artist. The other cast members include Lee Hee Joon (Yoona’s Street) as another con artist and Shin Hye Sun (she played Jo Jung Suk‘s sister in Oh My Ghostess) as a researcher and Lee Min Ho’s junior from his university days.

Legend Of The Blue Sea is slated to premiere in November as a Wednesday-Thursday drama on SBS. Despite liking Lee Min Ho in Heirs (fangirl mode on), I agree that it was not a great show or role and I’m hoping something really good (of City Hunter level) for him in this drama. As for Jeon Ji Hyun, she was fantastic in You From Another Star and I’m hoping for another great role and acting here as well.