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It’s no news that I’m not a sageuk fan. I have seen a few (two to be exact!) in the past but they had fusion elements to make me interested and they were really good to make me stay. The upcoming period drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds falls into the same category of being a fusion sageuk — meaning a historical show with elements of modern world, and thus comes my anticipation. The show also has a cute star cast of Park Bo Gum (loved him in Answer Me 1988 and I Remember You) and Kim Yoo Jung (Angry Mom) in the lead roles. I haven’t seen her in anything but she is joining the list of teenage actresses, who have already started doing leading lady roles, with this drama. I have read lots of good things about her and it’s time for me to actually see her act.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is based on a web novel and is a love story between a prince and a girl who crossdresses as his eunuch. Sungkyunkwan Scandal memories anyone? But then there have been loads of sageuks in recent years where we see the heroine cross-dressing as man, but it’s also true that that track was not the main focus in those shows. Anyhow, the rest of the cast consists of Jinyoung (of Kpop group B1A4 and last seen in Warm And Cozy) as our hero’s rival in love, Chae Soo Bin (Sassy Go Go) as crown princess and Kwak Dong Yun (Master: God of Noodles) as our hero’s friend and bodyguard.

The drama looks very cheerful, feel-good, funny, cute, youthful and I was greatly impressed (and shocked) by the teaser it released a few weeks back. It was simply rib-tickling! Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is directed by two PDs — one of Discovery Of Love and the other PD helmed Secret Door. Both PDs and the writer have worked on Who Are You—School 2015. 

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds starts this coming Monday on KBS.


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