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The busy real life can sometimes disturb your drama life so much — like when you should be screaming with joy and flooding your blog with news about an upcoming show starring two of your favorite actors in a romantic comedy genre BUT you are only able to write about it just before the day it is going to premiere *pouts*

Jealousy Incarnate is the name of the newest show on SBS that premieres tomorrow as the Wednesday- Thursday show following thriller Wanted and stars the fresh and lovely pair of Gong Hyo Jin (Master’s Sun) and Jo Jung Suk (Oh My Ghostess) in the lead roles. I LOVE both of them and even then, it never occurred to me that they would be paired up someday. But I’m absolutely thrilled with this project which surprisingly has remained pretty low-key in its promotions and buzz. Before I say anything about the plot, I want to mention that Jealousy Incarnate also stars Go Kyung Pyo (Answer Me 1988) — another actor that I adore a lot. It’s fantastic across the board for me!

In Jealousy Incarnate, Gong Hyo Jin plays a weather forecaster who has a crush on star anchor, played by Jo Jung Suk. He knows she likes him but this liking is purely one-sided. After a few years, when he returns from some abroad assignment, he finds out that she has now fallen for his best friend, a chaebol, played by Go Kyung Pyo. I love this premise already! Nothing over-imaginative but in a rom-com, you don’t demand much in terms of new ideas, as long as the execution is fresh and the cast has great chemistry. The supporting cast includes Lee Mi Suk (You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin), Lee Sung Jae (Mirror of the Witch) and Seo Ji Hye (Punch).

Jealousy Incarnate is being directed by the PD of Yong Pal and Hyde, Jekyll, Me and penned by the writer of Pasta and Miss Korea. It has strong competition in the form of W – Two Worlds and Uncontrollably Fond, which are in first and second positions, respectively, from past few weeks.

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