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I think it has been universally felt that the first thing that comes to mind while thinking about Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, the latest ratings winner in the Monday-Tuesday slot, is CUTE. The show is filled with cuteness from top to bottom, from left to right. I’m in love with it and just can’t seem to get enough of it. So happy to be in this place where I want to keep on pressing next episode button, only to realise I’m watching it live.

I’m not an avid sageuk watcher but give try to fusion sageuks and hence, I came upon this as the story sounded light and fun, with a cross dressing heroine who pretends to be an eunuch to the crown prince. And the cast was another draw. I was glad to find out that the show got better and better with each episode and now I’m in love — hook, line and sinker.

There is nothing new as far as the execution is concerned or the story, but whatever is done, it’s done beautifully and the drama succeeds in making me go through various emotions — smile, laugh, swoon, care, swoon, feel butterflies, and mostly swoon. Heh. I get lots of Sungkyunkwan Scandal vibes but in a good way. Park Bo Gum is hitting it out of the park with his millions of expressions and although I liked him a lot before, I’m in love with him after this. The character is interesting with right balance of cheekiness and emotions. I simply adore the friendship he has with our disguised heroine — who is cute and funny but a bit dumb sometimes. But very likeable. Kim Yoo Jung is doing a great job and the chemistry is beautiful. I also love the second lead, played by Jinyoung, He is so smooth and calm and just plain soothing. So caring. The fourth main character is played by Kwak Dong Yun and the growing friendship between the trio of him, and our OTP is wonderful.

I love that there is heart in the show and even if some tension builds up to keep our players in predicament, the payoff is equally satisfying. I simply love the romance and its pace — the right amount of tension and giddiness. It is successfully maintaining that balance where we want our hero to find out but then we also want the show to tease us some more. The soundtrack is also well matched.

I don’t care about the political elements, which are inevitable in a period drama. As long as the drama keeps it to a minimum and gives me rainbows, sunshine, puppies, I’m super happy!