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I have seen a lot of things in dramaland but we rarely see remake of a classic older drama. I can only think of Full House right now which had a remake (which we mainly remember for its hairdos). Today is the premiere day of such a remake which takes its title from the original drama 1% Of Anything, which aired in 2003 — it has been 13 years! Where does time fly? I always wanted to see the original as it has one of my favorite tropes — marriage of convenience. It starred Kang Dong Won who solely acts in movies now (*sigh*) and Kim Jung Hwa, who was last seen in D Day and was leading lady of many dramas in early 2000s. Their characters will be now played by Ha Suk Jin (Drinking Solo) and Jeon So Min (Tomorrow Victory).

1% Of Anything is about a warm-hearted school teacher and a hot-tempered third generation chaebol. His grandfather is impressed by her nature and places this condition in his will that the grandson will have to marry the heroine in order to inherit his assets. Obviously, the two will fall in love after reluctantly getting into this contract marriage. I haven’t seen any of the actors’ previous work but I’m really looking forward to this show because of the basic rom-com classic plot.

Basically based on a novel, the drama is fully pre-produced and while the original aired on MBC, the new 1% Of Anything premieres today on cable network Dramax as a Wednesday-Thursday drama.

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