‘Golden Pouch’ is the new daily drama for MBC


I’m not their target audience but daily dramas have their own attraction and charm. One enters into their realm knowing perfectly well that they will encounter one cliche after the other on their way but I think there is fun in enjoying those overused tropes and there is that emotional connection with the characters as the viewers spend such a long time with them through the long run. Another addition to the list of dailies comes in the form of Golden Pouch — the new MBC drama which looks quite sunny and cheerful laced with warmth. I really like Jin Yi Han (and his voice!) and he takes up the lead in this show and he will go by the name of Kim Ji Han from now on for his acting projects. I didn’t recognise him while reading through the cast list until I saw the posters. The leading lady will be Ryu Hyo Young, who is twin sister of Ryu Hwa Young (who was terrific in recent Age Of Youth). I remember her from School 2013 where she played one of the school mates.

Golden Pouch is a story of a genius surgeon who changes his career and becomes a chef. The heroine is the third daughter of a family and the show will tell a heartwarming story about family and love. Lee Sun Ho (the cheeky uncle of Yoon Do from Doctors) plays the second lead.

The drama comes from the writer of Angel’s Revenge and directed by the PD of Kill Me, Heal Me and Hotel King. It starts airing from tomorrow from Monday to Friday.



6 thoughts on “‘Golden Pouch’ is the new daily drama for MBC

    1. snow Post author

      Hahaha…I know!! There was a time when I used to watch Indian daily soaps..which had a lot many episodes than the K-ones..but now? No way!

  1. Shimclover

    I’ve never watched any dailies before, but got strangely hooked by Golden Pouch’s poster while was browsing through k-dramas on an online streaming site. I’ve watched 40 eps until now and can still see myself doing so in the future. Mainly like Jin Yi Han & Hwa Young here 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      I really like Jin Yi Han…the leading lady is actually Ryu Hyo Young, twin sister of Hwa Young.
      Wow…you have completed 40eps…that means the drama is actually good..I hope to find some time in future to give this one a try 🙂


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