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Introverted Boss just premiered and now another workplace drama is about to start in a few days — Chief Kim. But this one is more inclined towards being a comedy than a rom-com. Nam Goong Min plays the titular Chief Kim who is a skilled accountant but works for gangsters. As a result of some events, he ends up joining a company called TQ group. The firm is about to become bankrupt. The story is about the hero’s growth in realising that he wants to fight against the corrupt employees, support the rights of the workforce and save the company from sinking. Of course, the tone is laced with wacky comedy. Costars include Nam Sang Mi (Joseon Gunman) as an efficient accountant, Jung Hye Sung (The princess from Moonlight Drawn By Clouds) as an intern, Junho (of Kpop group 2PM) as a prodigy.

Chief Kim will be the new Wednesday – Thursday drama for KBS and the directing is by the PD of Beautiful Mind and Page Turner while writing is by the writer of God’s Quiz, Blood and Good Doctor. It is slated for January 25 premiere.

I really enjoyed Nam Goong Min‘s acting in Girl Who Sees Smells (his only show that I’ve seen). He added a huge fan following after doing last year’s comedy Beautiful Gong Shim. I like that he is constantly experimenting with various types of roles and genres.

I might give Chief Kim a try in case it gets good reviews.

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