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SBS brings new weekend drama Let Me Introduce Her

I think it is better to use the title Let Me Introduce Her for latest SBS weekender than the other About Her as the latter sound so similar to currently airing fantasy About Time and the former also looks more interesting. The plot of this show also gives less weekend vibes and more mystery vibes albeit with melodrama in the mix. Continue reading

Office comedy ‘Chief Kim’ to start on KBS with Nam Goong Min and Nam Sang Mi


Introverted Boss just premiered and now another workplace drama is about to start in a few days — Chief Kim. But this one is more inclined towards being a comedy than a rom-com. Nam Goong Min plays the titular Chief Kim who is a skilled accountant but works for gangsters. As a result of some events, he ends up joining a company called TQ Continue reading

2014: The year of reunions


Each year brings with it some particular trend that dominates the drama world throughout the year, with every other show following it and trying to milk on the success of that formula. I can say that there was one trend that I totally loved and supported wholeheartedly and that was the bevy of reunions that we received this year. It’s very special and new in K-dramaland because here, it’s like once in a blue moon that we ever get two stars working again for another project, however much success they got with the first one. Continue reading

Nam Sang Mi reunites with Lee Jun Ki in ‘Joseon Gunman’


See what I told you about 2014 being the year of reunions. After My Girl (Lee Dong Wook – Lee Da Hae) and  Successful Story Of A Bright Girl (Jang Hyuk – Jang Nara), it is time for the reunion of 2007’s action-thriller drama Time Between Dog And Wolf couple— Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi. They are appearing together in upcoming sageuk Joseon Gunman with Lee Jun Ki confirming earlier but we have finally got the confirmations for Nam Sang Mi as well. I’m actually in high spirits with the kick-starting of this new trend because as far as Kdramas are concerned, it always made me sad that drama pairs hardly acted together again. Thus, it is definitely a welcome thing in my book. (*I’m still waiting for the Delightful Girl Choon Hyang reunion*) Continue reading

New posters for ‘Goddess Of Marriage’ featuring the whole cast


Only a day is left for the premiere of weekend drama Goddess Of Marriage and have a look at the new posters for the show that will portray four marriage/ love stories related to four women. Initially I was really excited about this show even when it is 32 episodes long (huh) and as there are many trajectories, it has the chance of meandering a lot. But still Kim Ji Hoon compelled me to give this a try and I thought we’ll be getting something light and funny. But the latest highlight on the storyline has turned me off for this as it says that the heroine, played by Nam Sang Mi, is engaged to Kim Ji Hoon but she meets a stranger, Lee Sang Woo, on some trip, attraction starts and she cheats on her boyfriend. She returns, but still keeps this a secret and continues her marriage thing. Continue reading