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It has been ages since I last did a post about upcoming dramas. Since new year is flooding our drama space with a zillion of premieres, I guess this post will make the selection as easy as an old shoe. Or not, if you’re like me and are interested in almost all of them *sigh*

At least we can get a clear picture without feeling everything is all over the place. Certain shows have already hit the airwaves, hence the name change to new and upcoming dramas.



From: 14 January (already premiered)

Slot: Saturday-Sunday

Stars: Jang Hyuk, Lee Ha Na

About: A procedural crime show revolving around an emergency call centre, with a serial killer also on the loose.

My Opinion: I’m excited for this one! Story sounds nail-biting thrilling. But I’ve heard that it’s not for the faint of heart. So I’m a bit scared to start it.

Introverted Boss

On: tvN

From: 16 January (already premiered)

Slot: Monday-Tuesday

Stars: Yeon Woo Jin, Park Hye Soo

About: As the name suggests, an extremely introvert head of a PR firm and his workplace antics.

My Opinion: Yeon Woo Jin, in a rom-com, from the team of Marriage Not Dating! Need I say more to make one a happy camper to check this one out.

Missing 9


From: 18 January (already premiered)

Slot: Wednesday-Thursday

Stars: Jung Kyung Ho, Baek Jin Hee

About: 9 survivors of a plane crash in an uninhabited island.

My Opinion: Sounds like a fresh concept for a kdrama and anything which reminds me of And Then There Were None gets an instant attention from me.



From: 23 January

Slot: Monday-Tuesday

Stars: Ji Sung, Eom Ki Joon, Yuri

About: A righteous prosecutor who gets wrongly framed for the murder of his wife and daughter. He does not remember the last few months of his life, suffering from temporary amnesia.

My Opinion: I’m a sucker for stories where protagonists try to clear their name. The two male leads are fantastic as well.

Chief Kim


From: 25 January

Slot: Wednesday-Thursday

Stars: Nam Goong Min, Nam Sang Mi

About: A skilled accountant working for gangsters joins a firm and experiences a change of heart as he witnesses corporate politics and corruption.

My Opinion: The premise sounds inspiring but laced with comic shenanigans. I might give it a try if it gets positive word.

Saimdang, Light’s Diary


From: 26 January

Slot: Wednesday-Thursday

Stars: Lee Young Ae, Song Seung Hoon

About: A reimagining of the story about Saimdang, who was a Korean artist, writer, calligraphist, and poet in the Joseon era.

My Opinion: Mostly the drama is creating buzz due the fact that it marks the return of Lee Young Ae to acting after 12 years and to TV after 14 years. Sageuks are not my go-to thing and I haven’t seen the actors in anything before. So not so interested in the show.

Star of the Universe (White)


From: 26 January

Slot: Thursdays

Stars: Soo Ho, Ji Woo

About: A 3 episode drama about the love between a grim reaper and a singer/ songwriter.

My Opinion: If you’re in a mood for a short drama with less commitment, I think this new launch of 3 separate shows under ‘Three Color Of Fantasies’ is just perfect for you.

Naked Fireman


From: 18 January (already premiered)

Slot: Wednesday-Thursday

Stars: Lee Joon Hyuk, Jung In Sun

About: A hot-tempered fireman who gets falsely accused of a murder.

My Opinion: The only completed drama in the list, this one again fits the bill if one wants a short drama ride with only 4 episodes. As for me, the drama looks very melodramatic.

Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People


From: 30 January

Slot: Monday-Tuesday

Stars: Yoon Kyun Sang, Chae Soo Bin, Kim Ji Suk, Honey Lee, Kim Sang Joong

About: Another reimagining of the tale of the famous historical hero, Hong Gil Dong.

My Opinion: Another sageuk! I’ve liked Yoon Kyun Sang in dramas that I’ve seen him in but the overall premise and cast doesn’t make me enthusiastic enough to give this one a try.