JTBC brings ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ with Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Shik and Ji Soo


I’m in raptures about upcoming drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon as it looks like a fun rom-com, with actors that I really like or even love. I’m so happy that powerhouse actress Park Bo Young is returning to dramaland after her wonderful performance in Oh My Ghostess back in 2015. She plays the title character of Bong Soon, who is a girl with Herculean strength. She is unemployed but one day lands a job as a bodyguard of an eccentric chaebol, played by Park Hyung Shik. Ji Soo (Doctors) stars as an idealistic rookie cop, who is also our heroine’s crush. I love the dynamics between these characters and the promotional material also hints some bromance for us. I also love that it’s the reverse scenario here as the heroine is the one who would be protecting the guy. I like the two male leads a lot and can’t wait for them to present a satisfying journey of romance, comedy and bromance.

It is Park Hyung Shik’s first role as the main lead but he has been giving impressive performance project after project. He is currently appearing in Hwarang, which he wrapped up a long time back as it is a fully pre-produced drama. I had seen him first in Heirs but then it was his charming turn in What Happens To My Family that made me like him more.

The writing behind Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is from screenwriter of Beloved Eun Dong and direction is by PD of Ms. Temper And Nam Jung Ki and Orange Marmalade. It will premiere on 24 February on JTBC as a Friday-Saturday drama. I love the posters, which are all splashed with pink but showcasing the strength of the heroine, creating a contrast.


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