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Ji Chang Wook has been doing back to back action in his last few projects, namely 2014’s Healer and last year’s The K2. His latest venture, movie Fabricated City also falls in the same genre. The film just got released this week. It has the age old plot of a man wrongly accused of murder and then trying to clear his name. However old this trope is, I always feel excited to see one as it has enough room to include lots of twists and turns and thrills to make for a great thriller.

Fabricated City stars Ji Chang Wook as an unemployed person who excels in playing online games. Suddenly one day, he gets framed for a murder. With his back to the wall, he needs to prove himself innocent. He takes help from his friends, played by Shim Eun Kyung (Tomorrow Cantabile) and Ahn Jae Hong (Jung Hwan’s older brother in Answer Me 1988), both of them being tech savvy. I think the whole computer thing adds a fresh spin to the story. Well, not really as we see many, many films with one character being that know-it-all hacker to help the hero or heroine. But in this case, all of them seem to be the technical experts.

The movie is packed with action scenes and looks like a thrilling ride with a dash of humour. It’s directed by Park Kwang Hyun, who is returning after 12 years as his last film was in 2005, highly successful Welcome to Dongmakgol. 

Fabricated City released this Thursday, February 9th.

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