Lee Jong Suk and Suzy pair up for new drama from the writer of ‘I Hear Your Voice’

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Another pair of two hot stars is entering dramaverse — Lee Jong Suk and Suzy have been cast as leads for upcoming SBS drama While You Were Sleeping. It has become highly anticipated not only because of the leads but also for the major fact that it comes from writer Park Hye Ryun, who has penned highly lauded and successful dramas like I Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio, Dream High and her latest being the mini drama Page Turner. It’s no secret that Hong Sisters are my most favorite writers in dramaland but I also love Park Hye Ryun. Her shows have this great mix of drama, romance, emotions, thrills, humour and what makes everything more special is the moral values sprinkled throughout. I’m not so enthralled by Suzy‘s casting as she is not that good as an actor but then there are so many other reasons to get excited about here.

Unlike the romantic comedy movie it gets its title from, While You Were Sleeping is a fantasy legal drama where Lee Jong Suk plays a prosecutor and Suzy stars as a woman who has the ability to dream about future events. The hero tries hard to stop the tragic happenings in her vision to actually happen in reality. The supporting cast includes Shin Jae Ha as Lee Jong Suk‘s brother and Lee Sang Yeob (This Week My Wife Will Have An Affair) as a prosecutor-turned-criminal lawyer.

I’m absolutely looking forward to While You Were Sleeping as it seems to have all the ingredients of writer’s previous shows. There is also a plethora of reunions here — Suzy is working with the writer after Dream High, Lee Jong Suk reuniting for the third time, Shin Jae Ha worked in Page Turner and finally, Kim So Hyun, who also starred in Page Turner (and I Hear Your Voice as Lee Bo Young‘s teenage counterpart) is having a guest appearance here.

The drama will be 100 percent pre-produced and helmed by the PD of Doctors. The broadcast date has not been finalised yet.

7 thoughts on “Lee Jong Suk and Suzy pair up for new drama from the writer of ‘I Hear Your Voice’

  1. Kay

    I’m super excited for this one too! Loving everything about it from the writer to the actors to the story. I’m optimistic for a great drama 🙂


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