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The newest weekend drama on KBS looks great for a feel-good family drama with lots of characters and cocktail of the genres..family, romance, comedy and drama. The title is Father is Strange (or Father Is Weird). The show is about a family of three daughters and a son and how their life changes when a top star comes to live with them.

Lee Yoo Ri (Jang Bori Is Here) plays the eldest daughter who is a lawyer and does not get involved in family matters but is there when needed (she reminds me a bit of Yoo In Na’s role in You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin). The second daughter is played by Jung So Min (love her! Yay that she has got a new drama. She is so underrated!). She is not as successful as her sister but like all female leads, she is a cheerful and warm-hearted girl. The youngest daughter is played by Ryu Hwa Young, who sounds like the actress’s previous role of Age Of Youth — an attractive girl who is not so good when making decisions. I loved her in Age Of Youth and hope that her role here has a lot of range. The son is played by Min Jin Woong (Drinking Solo). Ryu Soo Young (Two Weeks) plays a broadcast PD.

In a somewhat different role and genre from his previous ones, Lee Joon (Vampire Detective) plays the said top star who suddenly enters the life of this family. Kim Hae Sook (I Hear Your Voice) and Kim Young Chul (Nice Guy) play the mother and father.

I’m not a huge fan of weekend dramas  as they require a long commitment and I tend to use a lot of fast forward button as there are just so many characters and arcs in them. But I’m getting a positive feeling from this one. Who knows, I might give this a try. Anyway, weekend dramas have this fix format of a PowerPoint slide. You just need to change some themes and fonts to tweak it a little.

Father is Strange comes from the writer of Ojakgyo Bothers and You’re All Surrounded, while the direction is by the PD of Trot Lovers and Pretty Man. It is starting from March 4 and is the follow-up drama to Laurel Tree Tailors which remained on top throughout its run.

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