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There are a lot of permutations and combinations regarding upcoming drama Criminal Minds that make me excited for it. Lee Jun Ki is coming back in a modern role after what looks like ages, his last three shows being all sageuks (Joseon Gunman, Scholar Who Walks The Night, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo). Two Weeks in 2013 was where he shined in the modern garb and coincidentally it was also a high octane thriller, just like this one. (I do wish Lee Jun Ki did a romantic comedy this time though *sigh*). Then there is the refreshing factor of him doing a cable drama for the first time. Also, we usually see relatively new actors in these kind of procedurals, but Criminal Minds has accumulated a well-established cast consisting of Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won and Sohn Hyun Joo. The drama is a Korean remake of highly popular American TV show of the same name which is still continuing its run with it being renewed for a 13th (!) season. The show basically tells about a team of investigators who focus on the profiling of the criminals rather than the crime itself when solving a case. I haven’t seen the original but I’m all ready for this K-version!

Sohn Hyun Joo (3 Days) plays the team leader of the behavioural analysis unit which consists of six members. Lee Jun Ki plays the perfect main hero, an agent who excels in physical aspect of the work and is easy-going and very good at heart. Moon Chae Won returns in a badass role after disappointing drama turn in Goodbye Mr. Black. She plays the determined, cold and responsible agent. Then there is Lee Sun Bin (Missing 9, Police Unit 38) playing the team’s media specialist and Go Yoon (Monster) stars as the youngest agent among the bunch, a socially awkward one who has a degree in psychology. Rounding out the team is Yoo Sun (Our Gap Soon) as the resident genius hacker. Kim Young Chul (Father Is Strange, Nice Guy) plays the founder and director of this division.

Criminal Minds is fully pre-produced and premieres on 26 July on tvN. The network has formed a new time slot for the drama — Wednesdays and Thursday, competing head to head with the big three channels as it currently has dramas scheduled on Monday-Tuesday and Friday-Saturday slots.

I’m expecting many thrills and fast paced action-adventure! Let the episodic cases begin!