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I’m really liking the easy breezy vibe exuding from all the posters and general package of upcoming fantasy romance Reunited Worlds over at SBS. It brings a new spin to time slip genre as Yeo Jin Goo plays a guy who is assumed dead while in high school but he returns to life after many years. Turns out, the world has grown but he has been somehow stuck in time capsule and is still 19 years old when all his friends and siblings are now way older than him. It is a tale of him reuniting with his loved ones and healing their lives. Lee Yeon Hee is his 31-year-old best friends from high school, where she was Jung Chae Yeon, who plays the teenage version of the same character. Now she is an assistant to chef Ahn Jae Hyun who is in love with her. I’m getting a bit of Twenty Again vibes from the drama, mainly its posters, which are all draped in green color of the soothing grass. The actors look great with an upbeat air, plus the camaraderie looks sweet as rose petals — minus the hair for Lee Yeon Hee (so, so bad with uber short bangs). I just hope it is not the look in the drama when it arrives tomorrow in the Wednesday-Thursday slot. The new cycle of drama premieres has begun and the show will be competing with another new kid on the block, Man Who Dies To Live on MBC and sageuk melodrama Seven Day Queen on KBS, which is airing from many weeks (it will air episodes 15 and 16 this week) but receiving quite low numbers.