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Looks like we are getting plenty of fantasies in dramaland lately, what with Reunited Worlds, Manhole,The Best Hit and Bride Of The Water God 2017 all filling up the week with only The Best Hit recently completing its run. And now we have one more addition in the form of Live Up to Your Name (or Deserving of the Name). Personally, I’m not a keen lover of fantasy rom-coms (though I love fantasy genre) as I prefer slice-of-life romance or classy tales of love/fun with a topping of cheese. Ultimately, Live Up to Your Name marries a lot of factors that make me excited  for the drama — time travel, Kim Nam Gil doing a comedy role after heavy melodramas like Shark and Bad Guy, a seemingly fun-filled laughter ride and the director helming the project, who has Dear My Friends as his last project (his credits also include My Secret Hotel, Doctor Stranger).

Live Up to Your Name stars Kim Nam Gil as a real life historical figure, Heo Im. He was a skilled acupuncturist in the 17th century during the Joseon Dynasty. Due to his lowly status in society, he does not see much growth in future as far as his career is concerned. One day he suddenly travels 400 years into the future, the present day in the 21st century. Here he meets Kim Ah Joong‘s (Wanted) surgeon character in the cardiothoracic division. She has an icy cold personality and does not believe in oriental practices. Obviously, we are going to get some fish-out-of-water hijinks teamed with bickering shenanigans between the two leads. The teasers released so far are really funny. The posters also show the two protagonists butting heads, with taking the needle versus knife scenario quite literally. The plot also sounds like a reverse Dr. Jin (aka the drama which is so bad it’s good).

Scripted by the writer of Queen’s ClassroomLive Up to Your Name hits the airwaves tomorrow on tvN as the new weekender. It follows thriller Forest Of Secrets which is being considered numero uno everywhere!