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Three women in their 30s and spotlight on their friendship, love and life in general. Sounds familiar? Dramaland has its fair share of shows centred around this premise. Personally, I love these kind of stories even if they have been done a lot of times and are fairly predictable with stereotypical characters. 20th Century Boy And Girl is the upcoming romantic comedy on MBC which takes up this premise and promises a warm look for the same. What I’m really digging is the fact that most of the characters grew up with each other and that gives hope for a fun camaraderie-filled vibe.

The women in question are Han Ye Seul (Madame Antoine), Ryu Hyun Kyung (Master: God Of Noodles, Empress Ki) and Lee Sang Hee (an actor who has mostly done films, Seoul Station, C’est si bon). Han Ye Seul plays a superstar who was formerly an idol, Ryu Hyun Kyung takes up the role of a flight attendant and Lee Sang Hee plays a lawyer. The main male lead of this story is a rich, self made man, an investment banker, played by Kim Ji Suk (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People). He is the guy who grew up with our trio of friends and years later, re-enters their lives. I like that for a change we have both the leads on similar economic level, which is as rare in dramaland as the stars upon a clouded night. Then we have just married Lee Sang Woo (All’s Well With a Happy Home, High Society) as a former idol (like our heroine) who now works in daily dramas. The two more male actors rounding out the cast are Ahn Se Ha (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds) as a gynaecologist and Oh Sang Jin (You From Another Star) as a highly principled lawyer.

As I said, I’m loving the candid, slice-of-life, easygoing vibe I’m getting from the promos. 20th Century Boy And Girl actually has that potential to be the heartwarming realistic show as the writer is Lee Sun Hye who was a junior writer for Answer Me series. The PD is Lee Dong Yoon of Fated To Love You, All’s Well With a Happy Home and The Greatest Love fame. The show hits the airwaves on 9 October as a Monday-Tuesday drama following sageuk The King Loves.