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REVIEW: Touch Your Heart / Reach Of Sincerity (2019)

Touch Your Heart is all things sweet and delightful! The Goblin (2017) pair of Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na won everyone’s heart in that drama and it is no surprise that their second outing was highly anticipated. The drama fulfils all our wishes by giving us a memorable couple with lots and lots of feel-good romance, in contrast to the bittersweet nature in Goblin. Continue reading

‘Touch Your Heart’ premieres tomorrow with Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na

tvN’s new drama Touch Your Heart (also, Reach of Sincerity) reunites the memorable second lead couple of Goblin, Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na. The former also did a reunion project previously when he starred with Lee Da Hae in Hotel King after starring together in very popular My Girl. Continue reading

’20th Century Boy And Girl’ brings romance and friendship on MBC

Three women in their 30s and spotlight on their friendship, love and life in general. Sounds familiar? Dramaland has its fair share of shows centred around this premise. Personally, I love these kind of stories even if they have been done a lot of times and are fairly predictable with stereotypical characters. 20th Century Boy And Girl is the upcoming romantic comedy on MBC which takes up this premise and promises a warm look for the same. What I’m really digging is the fact that most of the characters grew up with each other and that gives hope for a fun camaraderie-filled vibe.

Continue reading

Kim So Yeon, Lee Sang Woo and Lee Pil Mo headline weekend drama ‘All’s Well With a Happy Home’


It seems odd to see Kim So Yeon (Falling For Innocence) in a long family weekend drama but refreshing nevertheless. She will be appearing in upcoming MBC show All’s Well With a Happy Home with regular weekend stars Lee Sang Woo (Please, Mom) and Lee Pil Mo (Pinocchio). The drama centres around a family that owns a Chinese restaurant. Our heroine is the eldest daughter who is married to Lee Pil Mo, a cold and Continue reading