KBS brings a new Sunday slot with youthful drama ‘Andante’

KBS is really proving to be a platform for all things high school! The latest instalment of long running School series aka School 2017 recently wrapped and high school life, love and friendships of the late 70s can be seen in currently airing Lingerie Girls’ Generation. And now the network is bringing a brand new show in the same category in a brand new slot. Andante is the title of the youthful high school drama and it will air on Sundays weekly. Before you say, ‘what, not one more’, I have to say that the drama looks a bit eccentric in its tone judging from the teasers. The drama also marks small screen debut of uber popular Kpop group EXO‘s Kai, who has previously acted in web dramas like EXO Next Door, Choco Bank and Seven First Kisses. He has also done a cameo in To The Beautiful You (2012).

Andante is about two siblings, played by Kai and new actress Lee Ye Hyun, who have to move to a quiet countryside after spending so many years in the shining city. It’s about how they adjust to the new surroundings, especially the new school. Baek Chul Min (who I’m deducing became everyone’s favorite after starring in JTBC’s Solomon’s Perjury) plays the golden boy of the high school who aspires to become a doctor. Kim Jin Kyung (Korea’s Next Top Model) plays a mysterious, introvert girl. Then we have a wide range of characters forming the high school students — gossipy, rebel, sweet, leader et al.

The show is fully pre-produced and has PD of Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek and writers of early 2000s dramas like Sharp 2 (2005), Woori’s Family (2001) and Auction House (2007). I suddenly feel nostalgic about the dramas from that time! Andante premieres on 24 September.

4 thoughts on “KBS brings a new Sunday slot with youthful drama ‘Andante’

  1. kwenzqoatl

    I’ll have to give this a shot somewhere down the line. 🙂 Because I like those stories centered around a new character going to a new town and having to adapt. Plus KBS has won me over with that kind of story in the past a couple of times. My fave was a drama special called Puberty Medly. Have you ever checked it out?

    1. snow Post author

      Oh I haven’t seen that show! Though I did read about it somewhere. Is it good?
      I agree with you about such stories…they actually are very relatable as at some point or the other we all have faced such situations.


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