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Highly anticipated fantasy period drama ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ premieres on tvN

There is no doubt that the new tvN drama Arthdal Chronicles is one of the most anticipated ones this year. With a cast boasting names like Song Joong Ki (his first drama since superhit Descendants Of The Sun 3 years back), Kim Ji Won (reuniting with Song Joong Ki and following DOTS with well-received Fight My Way), very popular and hit Jang Dong Gun (I’m surprised to see him in another drama so soon after Suits as he usually does more films than dramas and his Continue reading

Period zombie movie ‘Rampant’ with Jang Dong Gun and Hyun Bin releases tomorrow

Zombie horror films have a huge fan following around the world, with some also being comedies. I won’t count myself a fan but then I have seen only one film from the genre and I did like it. LOL. I just think they will be too gory for me. Anyhow, Korean movie Rampant is a period zombie film and I think the historical setting gives it an added freshness factor. Continue reading

Song Joong Ki to make drama comeback with sageuk ‘Asadal Chronicle’ and costars Kim Ji Won and Jang Dong Gun

The upcoming tvN drama Asadal Chronicle has blockbuster written all over its each and every part. The show has confirmed a powerful lineup of cast that includes Song Joong Ki in his first drama ever after megahit Descendants Of The Sun, Kim Ji Won (reuniting with him after DOTS and last seen in well received rom-com Fight My Way) and Jang Dong Gun, the top movie and Continue reading

The female leads of ‘Suits’

It’s mostly leading men Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Shik that are being seen in the promotions of Suits and for a good reason that they form the main story of the Korean remake of popular American TV show of the same name. But having seen some seasons of the original, I can say that the female characters are certainly strong and interesting. In my last post, I talked mostly about the male leads and now this post will be all about the female cast. Continue reading

The men look debonair in ‘Suits’ posters and stills

One thing that we notice straight away in American TV show Suits is how stylish, smart and debonair the men look and the upcoming Korean remake does not disappoint in that area. Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Shik play the two main

Continue reading