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Insurance fraud is the basis of new KBS investigation drama called Mad Dog, which boasts quite an eclectic cast. Yoo Ji Tae (Healer, The Good Wife) plays a former detective who is now the leader of a team that deals with crimes related to insurance fraud, meaning cases where people fake accidents to claim the huge insurance money. Well, millions of films, shows, novels have been written with murder mystery related to insurance fraud, so I guess we will be getting a case-of-the-week scenario here with many culprits creatively designing their fraud and then our players finding the truth.

I have not seen Save Me but the only thing everyone talks about these days is Woo Do Hwan! He seems to be gaining huge popularity and here he stars as a skilled con artist who helps the investigators in their work. Ryu Hwa Young (Age Of Youth‘s awesome Kang unni) as badass female investigator, Kim Hye Sung (High Kick Through The Roof, Falsify) as computer expert and Jo Jae Yoon (Save Me) as ex-convict-turned-investigator round out the members of this titular Mad Dog team. The plot surely sounds a lot like Police Unit 39, replacing tax scam by insurance scam. Let’s hope there are enough differences to make Mad Dog a unique show with its own style. Mad Dog has very small shoes to fill as it follows Manhole, a drama which got one of the lowest ratings ever. Which means it will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It is written by Kim Soo Jin of Awl and Pure Love fame. Directing is by the PD of Romance Town and Partner. The premiere date is 11 October.