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Yoo Ji Tae headlines crime investigation drama ‘Mad Dog’ for KBS

Insurance fraud is the basis of new KBS investigation drama called Mad Dog, which boasts quite an eclectic cast. Yoo Ji Tae (Healer, The Good Wife) plays a former detective who is now the leader of a team that deals with crimes related to insurance fraud, meaning cases where people fake accidents to claim the huge insurance money. Well, millions of films, shows, novels have been written with murder mystery related to insurance fraud, so I guess we will be getting a case-of-the-week scenario here with many culprits creatively designing their fraud and then our players finding the truth. Continue reading

‘Father Is Strange’ is the new weekend drama on KBS


The newest weekend drama on KBS looks great for a feel-good family drama with lots of characters and cocktail of the genres..family, romance, comedy and drama. The title is Father is Strange (or Father Is Weird). The show is about a family of three daughters and a son and how their life changes when a top star comes to live with them. Continue reading

‘Age Of Youth’ starts on JTBC this Friday with friendships and youthfulness


Oh this one seems like a possible dark horse. Age Of Youth is the new drama for JTBC which starts this Friday, on 22 July, and despite not boasting top star cast, the show looks promising with something fresh to offer. It is about five roommates with different personalities and tells their stories of friendship, relationships, college life, issues that youth suffer, their dilemmas and growing up.

Continue reading