Romantic thriller fantasy ‘Black’ arrives on OCN this weekend

When you are talking about OCN, I think it’s redundant to mention thriller as a genre. But recently the cable network, known for its gritty, edgy crime dramas, has experimented with broadcasting a romcom (My Secret Romance). One more in line, if not strictly, is new weekender Black. It is a romance drama albeit embellished with fantasy and thriller elements. Starring Song Seung Heon and Go Ara, the drama is not an instant attraction for me as I’m not aware of the two leads much, having never seen any of their work. But the team behind the camera is interesting enough to actually keep an eye on this one. The PD helmed Liar Game and Voice among others, while the writer penned God’s Gift – 14 Days. Surely there won’t be any dearth of thrills and chills here!

Song Seung Heon, last seen in much-anticipated but utterly disappointing sageuk Saimdang, Light’s Diary plays a grim reaper and Go Ara, also seen in sageuk Hwarang last, plays a woman who can see death before it happens. They come together and try to save lives, thus forming a bond which defies the laws of nature. Always amazing Lee El (Liar Game, Goblin) plays a third important role of that of a skilled doctor who is also enigmatic and has some relation with two main leads. Kim Dong Joon (Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho) plays the son of a rich family. The drama will see the hero borrowing the body of a human and then falling in love with the heroine. Going all against the heaven, he gets the punishment of being erased from the memories of earth. Hm, that is giving me a déjà vu sounding a lot like Goblin.

The posters for Black are draped in black and blue tinge, signifying the title. Check it out along with the script reading pics. It will be a weekend drama hitting the airwaves today and is following well-received Save Me.

6 thoughts on “Romantic thriller fantasy ‘Black’ arrives on OCN this weekend

    1. snow Post author

      I love thriller as a genre (especially mystery thrillers) and despite having little interest in the beginning, I’m thinking of giving this a try after all.

  1. Timescout

    Mr Handtowel and Go Ara have not impressed me in anything I’ve seen them in so far but I’ll give this a go anyway as the premise sounds like it could be ‘fun’. We’ll see how it goes.

      1. Timescout

        Yup, I did and after the confusion and WTF of the first two episodes it kinda settled in. I’m intrigued enough to want to know how it all rolls out. Seems like everyone is somehow connected through past events that still add to the body count. *g* It’s also darned hilarious at times, which oddly enough fits in the story. Could be they are aiming at dark comedy. Mr Handtowel should stick to comedies, he’s pretty good in this one and even Go Ara doesn’t annoy me, heh.


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