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New Korean Dramas: August 2020

August brings another bundle of Korean dramas and it is a huge bundle! Good thing is a lot of genres have been covered — romance, comedy, drama, music, sci-fi, thriller, horror. You name it, August dramas have got it. Confused to keep track of all these new premieres? Well, here is the list with enough details to make up your mind on what to keep and what to skip! Continue reading

Some recent February premieres — Trap, The Light in Your Eyes, Haechi, The Fiery Priest

Work has taken up most of my time and energy and hence, the frequency of posts has become so, so less. As a result, I decided to make up for it in this one single post about new dramas that I missed writing about prior to their premieres. In fact, this is the first time since starting the blog that I’m not aware of many new shows that have just started airing! Continue reading

Romantic thriller fantasy ‘Black’ arrives on OCN this weekend

When you are talking about OCN, I think it’s redundant to mention thriller as a genre. But recently the cable network, known for its gritty, edgy crime dramas, has experimented with broadcasting a romcom (My Secret Romance). One more in line, if not strictly, is new weekender Black. It is a romance drama albeit embellished with Continue reading

Youthful fusion sageuk ‘Hwarang: The Beginning’ is all set to begin next week


I hope it doesn’t sound like a broken record when I say I’m not a sageuk fan. But I do give them a try once in a while if they garner my attention for one reason or the other. Usually it’s the fusion sageuk aka historical drama with modern elements that makes me interested. I recently watched Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and looks like I’m going to add one more in my micro-list — Hwarang: The Beginning, the new drama for KBS. It is fully pre-produced and it’s giving a youthful, light vibe so far. Continue reading