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New Korean Dramas: August 2020

August brings another bundle of Korean dramas and it is a huge bundle! Good thing is a lot of genres have been covered — romance, comedy, drama, music, sci-fi, thriller, horror. You name it, August dramas have got it. Confused to keep track of all these new premieres? Well, here is the list with enough details to make up your mind on what to keep and what to skip! Continue reading

New Premiere: Tell Me What You Saw with Jang Hyuk and Sooyoung

The go-to network for thrillers for the fans of Korean dramas, OCN, has brought one more show for the viewers — Tell Me What You Saw. It is also about a serial killer (at this point, I’m not sure when was the last time when a Korean drama didn’t have one) but what sets it among top anticipated shows is its lead cast: Jang Hyuk and Sooyoung. I like both of them a lot and I’m hoping this show will deliver something good. Continue reading

Lee Min Ki and Lee You Young come together for OCN political thriller ‘The Lies Within’

OCN is rounding out the weekend slot of the year with political thriller drama The Lies Within and the show stars Lee Min Ki and Lee You Young in the lead roles. It’s a mystery plot about a mysterious death due to accident of a politician. Lee Min Ki is returning to dramaland after last Continue reading

Mystery thriller ‘Strangers From Hell’ arrives on OCN with Im Shi Wan and Lee Dong Wook

This one surely looks chilling! Im Shi Wan, who was fantastic in his breakthrough role in 2014’s Misaeng, is returning to dramaland post his army duty with OCN’s thriller Strangers From Hell and kudos for choosing an atypical drama! He stars as a man moving to big city Seoul from a small town when he gets a job there and taking up residence in an apartment building where all his neighbours Continue reading

Three new weekend premieres: Kill It, Confession and Mother Of Mine

This weekend saw the premiere of three new dramas having different flavours, so that saves us from being overdosed by similar treats. Only time will tell which one steals the hearts of the viewers but I have been in dramaland for long enough to know that every show has its fans. Different strokes for different folks. Continue reading