Lee Seung Gi is back!

It was My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho that first introduced me to Lee Seung Gi whom I found really cute and his pairing with Shin Min Ah is easily the cutest that I’ve seen in dramaland. Then I watched Shining Inheritance where he seemed a bit green but again very cute. But it was The King 2 Hearts that turned the fondness into love as he perfectly captured all the layers of a character that undergoes so much growth throughout the course of that wonderful show. The follow-up dramas remained unappealing (fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book and cop drama You’re All Surrounded) and hence, the wait for enjoying his acting again seemed longer than the two years (almost) he spent for his mandatory military service.

But now our cutie pie is back! He got formally discharged on 31 October. As most of you know, Lee Seung Gi is a multi-talented performer — singer, actor and host. His last acting project was movie Love Forecast with Moon Chae Won in 2015 and he also completed filming for sageuk romance film Compatibility with Shim Eun Kyung (Miss Granny) and Yeon Woo Jin (Seven Day Queen) back in 2015. The latest news about his comeback is of course the much-anticipated Hong Sisters drama Hwayugi which costars Cha Seung Won, Lee Hong Ki and Oh Yeon Seo, and is a modern take on Chinese novel Journey To The West. He is not confirmed yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he signs on soon!

Welcome back! Yay!

10 thoughts on “Lee Seung Gi is back!

    1. snow Post author

      He just confirmed. He was still in the ‘considering positively’ stage when this post was written.
      Same here! Can’t wait!

  1. Chaerin

    Our darling is back and I couldn’t be happier! Can’t wait to see him on our screens asap! He said he wants to immediately jump into work, and usually I’d want him to chill for a while but his letter convinced me that he means what he said.

  2. Kay

    Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah are still my all time favorite drama couple 🙂 I have loved all of his dramas so much, and I simply can’t wait to see him again!

    1. snow Post author

      hahaha…it’s actually containing too many characters and threads…hopefully everything will make sense instead of being a hot mess. (I haven’t read the original novel)


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