Jang Hyuk headlines MBC weekend drama ‘Money Flower’ which premieres today

Jang Hyuk was last seen in much-lauded OCN thriller Voice in early 2017 and that time I mentioned that it was refreshing to see the actor in a cable drama. Now again we will be seeing him trying something other than the weekday mini-series. He is headlining a weekend drama titled Money Flower. The show is about wealthy folks who believe that they have everything including power but in reality, they themselves are dominated by greed. Jang Hyuk plays a person who was raised in an orphanage but now he is at a top post in a big legal firm. Park Se Young, who has acted in many weekenders like My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol and Feel-Good Day, plays the female lead. She is an environmental activist as well as a middle school teacher. Jang Seung Jo (Six Flying Dragons), Lee Mi Sook (Temperature Of Love) and Lee Soon Jae (The King 2 Hearts) costar in other crucial roles.

I laughed a lot after seeing the over dramatic poster featuring Jang Hyuk, holding threads as if that of a puppet. It has makjang written all over it! I have a feeling the three actors must have laughed a lot while shooting for it. Hopefully the show will provide loads of entertainment. It is directed by the PD of Glamorous Temptation and Fated To Love You. The scriptwriter has penned Jang Young Shil and Air City

Money Flower premieres today with a total episode count of 24 on MBC. It will air on Saturdays with two back to back episodes.

5 thoughts on “Jang Hyuk headlines MBC weekend drama ‘Money Flower’ which premieres today

  1. Drama Fan

    If you watch the BTS of the poster making, they were indeed laughing! Especially Park Se Young and Hyukie was laughing and going wae wae wae! But the drama’s first episodes were super engaging. It does have a “makjang” feel plot wise but the nuanced acting and cinematography is very nice. I’m hooked!

    1. snow Post author

      Haha…it must have been fun to do that poster shoot 🙂
      It’s great that you are liking the drama. I have yet to check it out…hopefully it will have lesser number of episodes. I’m sure Jang Hyuk must be amazing as always!


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