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It’s no wonder to this blog’s regular readers that I’m a huge Hong Sisters fan. And that love stems from the love for most of their dramas. You’re Beautiful is one of them. Hence, I have this soft spot for Jang Geun Suk and I’m really hoping that his newest show Switch: Change The World is satisfactory and good, in terms of plot, execution and his role. If ratings are great, then it will be a bonus. He plays a double role here as a prosecutor and as a con artist. The latter switches the position with the former after the prosecutor sinks into coma. Han Ye Ri, who I love a lot after seeing her understated but strong acting in Age Of Youth series, looks absolutely different here with her brand new hairdo. She plays a fellow prosecutor, who, I’m supposing, knows the secret. One additional info about our hero is that although he is a swindler, he studied for bar exam in the past. Well, that will be pretty useful when he has to be presented as a prosecutor.

The story is quite film-y and nothing very new but sounds fun if done well. Several movies and TV shows are there based on character switcheroo plot.

The costars include Jung Woong In, whose last drama was well-liked Smart Prison Living (Prison Playbook for all you Netflix buffs!) and Jo Hee Bong (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds). Switch: Change The World premieres today as the new Wednesday-Thursday drama on SBS following top rated Return.