KBS premieres ‘Miracle That We Met’ with Kim Myung Min, Ra Mi Ran and Kim Hyun Joo

Now this is what I call a casting win! The newly premiered KBS drama Miracle That We Met stars Kim Myung Min, Ra Mi Ran and Kim Hyun Joo in the lead roles in a fantasy filled story. I loved him in King Of Dramas, a brilliant show where he was simply perfect. I have only seen Kim Hyun Joo as Lee Min Ho‘s sister in megahit Boys Before Flowers but that was enough to make me like her a lot. And well, Ra Mi ran was one of the main reasons to make Reply 1988 so awesome. Hence, this drama will surely have some great acting to see if nothing else.

Miracle That We Met stars Kim Myung Min in a dual role — one is married to Kim Hyun Joo and is a bank manager with a seemingly perfect life but is actually detached from his family, same is the case with his wife. The other one is married to Ra Mi Ran, but here the case is opposite as they are a loving family owning a Chinese restaurant. One day suddenly, he dies in an accident and then comes back in the body of the other man. Thus, he gets trapped with two wives and two families and the show is about how he will juggle this strange situation.

The drama has writer of hits Women Of Dignity and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and PD of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Ki at the helm. It has already started airing and is a Monday-Tuesday drama, broadcasting its second episode tonight.

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