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I loved Jang Hyuk in Fated To Love You where he played both funny and emotional bits oh his character with elan. His follow up projects were more on a serious side — sageuks Shine Or Go Crazy and God of Trade – Innkeeper 2015 , thriller Voice and melodramas Beautiful Mind and Money Flower (his latest which I’m hearing is quite good). I haven’t seen either of the above shows but I’m thrilled that he is returning to comedy with new SBS drama Wok Of Love (previously titled Greasy Melo). It comes from the writer of feel-good comedies with awesome ensemble cast like Jealousy Incarnate, Miss Korea, Pasta and Romance Town. One of my favorites, Jung Ryeo Won (King Of Dramas is responsible!) costars along with pop group 2PM’s Junho who was recently seen in JTBC melo Just Between Lovers. Jung Ryeo Won’s last drama was legal thriller Witch’s Court.

Wok Of Love stars Junho as a former star chef whose popularity has faded and now he works in a struggling Chinese restaurant. Jang Hyuk plays a gangster turned restaurateur and Jung Ryeo Won plays a rich heiress. I already find the characters interesting and I’m curious to know their dynamics with each other. One of the stills of the drama also includes supporting cast (that includes Defendant‘s Jo Jae Yoon) who play Jang Hyuk’s henchmen and also gansters-turned-chefs. LOL. I’m so excited for the comedy and also the food! I’m sure we can’t watch this show empty stomach! Another strong addition is Lee Mi Sook (You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin; and also worked with the writer previously in Miss Korea and Jealousy Incarnate) who plays a mysterious woman.

Wok Of Love will air on Mondays and Tuesdays from next week as May 7 is its premiere date. I’m not sure how the romantic lines will play out but I’m firmly on Jang Hyuk- Jung Ryeo Won ship!