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Rich Man Poor Woman (2012) is the first and only Japanese drama that I have seen and I loved it a lot despite not liking some aspects of it. The main reason is of course the leads — Oguri Shun perfectly nailed the role of an eccentric and genius IT firm CEO and cute with capital C Ishihara Satomi as his efficient assistant. The show was different despite the generic sounding title (it can’t get more literal than this, considering this the most cliched story ever!) as its treatment was more natural, low-key than dramatic, with giving lots of emphasis to workplace plot as well. The charming chemistry was another big factor that gives this drama a plus. Hence, when I read that there is going to be a Korean remake, I wasn’t too happy as I thought the remake would take away the very factors that make J-dramas in general different from the Kdramas. Anyway, Rich Man is here and it looks quite okay from the promotional materials and it premieres today, as a Wednesday-Thursday drama on streaming site Dramax as well as channel MBN.

Rich Man stars Suho of popular pop group EXO in the lead role. Additional features to what I already mentioned above (also included in the original) — he has face and name recognition disorder. He will be CEO of a firm called Next OneHa Yun Soo plays the heroine who has a memory like a computer. The supporting players include Defendant‘s Oh Chang Suk as cofounder of Next One and Kim Ye Won of Suspicious Partner fame as his sister. Ha Yun Soo got a great debut with musical drama Monstar back in 2013 and later followed up with shows like Potato Star 2013QR3 and The Legend of the Witch. Suho has acted in miniseries Star Of The Universe.

Rich Man comes from the PD of web drama My Only Love Song and writer of drama Twelve Men in a Year and movies Outbreak, Confidential Assignment, Masquerade, among others. Plus, the show has a second writer who has cowritten the movie The Beauty Inside.