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Ma Dong Suk, known for his terrific acting in films and dramas alike (Train to Busan, Bad Guys, Police Unit 38 to name a few), is coming on big screens this week with the release of his movie Champion. It is a sports comedy drama film about an arm

wrestler, Mark, who dreams of becoming a champion. Kwon Yul of Whisper and One More Happy Ending fame plays a promotor who has interest in our hero’s career due to his own benefit (but I’m sure he will have a change of heart by the end) and Age Of Youth‘s Han Ye Ri stars as Mark’s sister who suddenly appears one day with her children. The movie is being touted as a comedy which also deals with various social issues. Champion is directed by Kim Yong Wan and releases on May 1. It looks like a warm story of an underdog’s win and I love such sports films even if they have been done a million times already. Han Ye Ri is currently appearing in drama Switch.