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One more premiere! SBS is bringing legal drama Your Honor today in its Wednesday-Thursday slot. The show stars Yoon Shi Yoon in a double role — two identical twins, one is a principled and righteous judge while the other is a criminal. The judge suddenly disappears one day and so the crook has to take his place. Thus begin the funny hijinks. The actor just wrapped up sageuk Grand Prince which was not noticed much but actually garnered highest viewership ratings ever for network TV Chosun. Your Honor stars Lee Yoo Young (Tunnel, The Treacherous) as a student in the Judicial Research and Training Institute who believes in human values. Park Byung Eun, who was so amazing in Because This Life Is Our First, will play a man who stops at nothing to achieve what he desires. Hm. Sounds like a villain. Then there is Nara of pop group Hello Venus who plays a cold anchorwoman. She has previously acted in shows like My Ajusshi and Suspicious Partner.

The plot of Your Honor sounds a lot like Switch: Change The World that came out early this year starring Jang Geun Suk, replacing prosecutor by a judge. Maybe there will be tonal difference along with other things. Your Honor also goes by the name Dear Judge and comes from the PD of Mask and Heirs, and the screenwriter of Chuno, Fugitive Plan B and The Package.