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My introduction to Ji Sung was with comedy Protect The Boss where he nailed his eccentric character and so I’m happy that he is back to the genre with upcoming tvN drama Familiar Wife (or as is the case with lots and lots of Korean dramas — Knowing Wife/ The Wife I Know). This is also actor’s first cable drama (Yay!), his last role was in thriller Defendant (for which he also bagged the Grand Prize at 2017 SBS Drama Awards). Han Ji Min costars, making a drama comeback after the disappointment called Hyde, Jekyll, Me back in 2015. The central theme of the show is the importance of decisions, be it small or big. The ‘what if’ scenario which can change the life of anyone by 180 degrees.

Ji Sung and Han Ji Min star as a married couple who constantly bickers and has reached that state where there is only listlessness without any excitement. Somehow magically Ji Sung gets the ability to travel back and forth in time, thus the drama showcasing how his past decisions start to change the present. I smell a mix of Tomorrow With You and Go Back Spouses. Rest of the cast includes Kang Han Na (Just Between Lovers) as Ji Sung’s first love, pop group VIXX‘s N as a talented but individualistic man and Jang Seung Jo (Money Flower) as our hero’s friend and colleague, most of the cast forming the staff of bank where Ji Sung’s character works.

Familiar Wife is directed by the PD of Shopping King Louis and Mr. Back while penned by the writer of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Oh My Ghostess and High School King Of Savvy — definitely a plus with her dramas being breezy, uplifting and funny. What a coincidence that the other writer of High School King Of Savvy also has a drama airing currently — Thirty But Seventeen.

I love the summery stills featuring our couple in various romantic settings. Familiar Wife is premiering on August 1 and will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It has big shoes to fill as its preceding drama was topper What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.