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Just Premiered: Medical drama ‘Doctor John’ with Ji Sung and Lee Se Young

The moment I read medical drama, my mind starts moving towards sleep as the genre is something I’m not a fan of. Too predictable, too episodic, and add hospital politics to that, and well, it becomes a genre I’m not particularly interested in. The newly premiered drama on SBS Continue reading

Ji Sung returns to comedy with tvN’s ‘Familiar Wife’ opposite Han Ji Min

My introduction to Ji Sung was with comedy Protect The Boss where he nailed his eccentric character and so I’m happy that he is back to the genre with upcoming tvN drama Familiar Wife (or as is the case with lots and lots of Korean dramas — Knowing Wife/ The Wife I Know). This is also actor’s first cable drama (Yay!), his last role was in thriller Defendant (for which he also bagged the Grand Prize at 2017 SBS Drama Awards). Han Ji Min costars, making a drama Continue reading

SBS premieres mystery-thriller ‘Defendant’ next week


Why is there this sudden influx of thriller dramas in the new year? Is it because one of the most lauded shows of last year was Signal, a thriller? Well, whatever maybe the reason but I’m interested in all of them. Joining the list (including Missing 9, Voice) is one more show — Defendant. I just hope there is no overdose of thrills! Defendant stars Ji Sung in the lead role and centers around the often used but always exciting Continue reading

First Impressions for ‘Entertainer’


Entertainer is the new drama for the Wednesday-Thursday slot for SBS and I’m happy that it finally marked the end of my drama hiatus, which was not very long but still it was long enough for me to realise that I haven’t completed any 2016 drama yet! There were some that I tried and dropped and there are some that I’ve kept for a marathon. It’s great to be back on the live watching train. The thing about Entertainer is, despite its flaws, I’m actually liking it. Maybe it also has to do with the future potential of the story. Continue reading