First Impressions: Thirty But Seventeen

Oh this show is ADORABLE! And warm. And funny. I was not even anticipating Thirty But Seventeen, the new kid on the block over at SBS but with its premiere week, it has won my heart. Actually this should not be a surprise for me as I loved the writer’s previous show High School King Of Savvy and liked She Was Pretty. The drama also received good ratings so yay across the board.

The story is about a woman who went into a coma when she was 17 and she wakes up after 13 years, now a 30 year old woman as if suddenly the next day she is so old. It’s exactly like she mentions — she lost her 18th year and 20s and so on. Add to that our hero, whose first love was the heroine but somehow he ends up thinking she died in the accident and finally she ends up in his house.

The warmth of the drama comes from various factors. First, each of the three main characters, be it Woo Seo Ri (Shin Hye Sun), Gong Woo Jin (Yang Se Jong) or Yoo Chan (Ahn Hyo Seop), are very good-natured at heart — they believe in helping and caring. I initially thought that our hero Woo Jin would be a cold person but I love how normal he is — well, aside from his eccentric trait of measuring everything using his inch tape. He has such an amiable relationship with his nephew Chan and he also jokes. Yes, he is averse to forming relationships but he is never rude about it. Chan is super cute and my favorite character, with his heart so compassionate. Seo Ri is a sympathetic woman and it was fun to see her acting like a teenager (without being childish) but mature enough to not overdo it.

The drama is very funny, especially the second episode. Ye Ji Won is killing it with her role, full of enigma and humor. Among the comic shenanigans, I like that the drama has softer, calmer moments too. Last but not least, the cute little dog ! And hello, cohabitation hijinks!

Wang Ji Won is again saddled with a jealous second lead role but I hope there is more to her character than being a negative one.

I like where we are with respect to the romance. I can’t wait for Woo Jin to open up to Seo Ri and fall for her before knowing that she was the one he always loved. Or maybe loved when he was in high school. I like the cast and the characters. I do think that there are so many love triangles in the show — Woo Jin, Woo Ri and Chan (I’m sure he will develop a puppy crush); then there is Chan’s high school classmate; we have violinist Wang Ji Won and finally, another guy who has loved the heroine since their school days — Kim Hyung Tae (Yoon Sun Woo).

All in all, I’m so glad I gave Thirty But Seventeen a try (thanks to all good reviews it was getting). It just felt right from all the angles.


5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Thirty But Seventeen

  1. Timescout

    This might fill in the cute fluff quotent once I’m done with some of the dramas I have on my current roster. Which may take a while as I seem to be knee deep in dramas I don’t really have time to watch, 😀 I don’t know how I managed to amass so many. It wasn’t long ago when my drama plate was almost empty.

    1. snow Post author

      Haha…omo really! I’m only watching this and Secretary Kim (very much behind)…and dropped Mr. Sunshine…lol…it was really boring.
      TBS is super cute and adorable…do give it a try once you have some space for more!

  2. Timescout

    Well, I keep adding cdramas, ha. I’m already watching 2 and there’s another one I watched up to a point then put it on hold. That one is now subbed till ep 11 so I’m about to start again from the begining, LOL! Guess it’s either (drama)draught or deluge. The new kdramas that just started don’t seem all that riveting but you never know. Not watching Secretary Kim as it I just wasn’t feeling it and you probably know that me and KES don’t match, so it was an automatic pass for Mr Sunshine. 😀

    Cdrama Guardian is my current ‘fluff de jour’ but it probably won’t take too long before I’m done with it. So, I may give Thirty But Seventeen a go after. We’ll see how it goes.

    1. snow Post author

      Haha…I’m glad I have not entered the realm of Cdramas (yet!).
      Enjoy the deluge! Because it’s more drop than finish for me these days sigh
      Will wait for your thoughts on Thirty But Seventeen in case you give it a try.. 🙂


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